Water Management Planning


Baseline Water provides Water Management Plans and Multi-operator Water Plans (MOWP) through a comprehensive review of local and regional water resources. We provide water use surveys and inventory services allowing our clients to address water conservation initiatives.

MOWP's present an opportunity to create a highly collaborative, participatory endeavour between industry and the government authorities to develop water management coordination recommendations and enhance open communication to the public.

Water Use Surveys

  • Development of Survey for Water Use Data Collection
  • Compilation of Corporate Water Inventories
  • Reconcile Water Use with Provincial Licence Data
  • Identify Water Uses at Risk and Strategies to Address new Licenses and Renewals
  • Data Tracking and Water Use Trending

Corporate Water Strategy

  • Assessment of groundwater, surface water and tertiary water (re‐use/recycle) source options
  • Review regulations and policies associated with the water resources in the study area
  • Identify stakeholders for water resources in the study area
  • Identify water treatment options for water use and/or disposal
  • Provide environmental risk and cost assessments associated with each water source

Water Source Toolbox

The Water Source Toolbox developed by Baseline Water provides a practical and innovative framework for the assessment and selection of water resources. The Water Source Toolbox integrates economic, social and environmental considerations and is comprised of three valuable water sourcing tools

  • Water Source Decision Tool
  • Water Source Cost Calculator
  • Water Sustainability Assessment using the GEMI Local Water Tool (LWT)TM for Oil and Gas