Water Management Planning


Baseline Water provides Water Management Plans and Multi-operator Water Plans (MOWP) through a comprehensive review of local and regional water resources. We provide water use surveys and inventory services allowing our clients to address water conservation initiatives.

MOWP's present an opportunity to create a highly collaborative, participatory endeavour between industry and the government authorities to develop water management coordination recommendations and enhance open communication to the public.

Water Use Surveys

  • Development of Survey for Water Use Data Collection
  • Compilation of Corporate Water Inventories
  • Reconcile Water Use with Provincial Licence Data
  • Identify Water Uses at Risk and Strategies to Address new Licenses and Renewals
  • Data Tracking and Water Use Trending

Corporate Water Strategy

  • Assessment of groundwater, surface water and tertiary water (re‐use/recycle) source options
  • Review regulations and policies associated with the water resources in the study area
  • Identify stakeholders for water resources in the study area
  • Identify water treatment options for water use and/or disposal
  • Provide environmental risk and cost assessments associated with each water source