Environmental Services


Baseline Water Provides a Full Range of Environmental Services Including Assessment, Monitoring, Approvals and Site Remediation.

Field Programs Typically Involve:

  • Completion of Phase I ESA
  • Identification and characterization of aquifers and aquitards:
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Supervision of ground disturbance activities
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Soil and/or vegetation characterization
  • Borehole drilling (Phase II ESA)
  • Monitoring well installations

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Baseline Water Offers Technical Guidance in Soil and Groundwater Remediation Involving a Variety of Technologies Including:

  • Soil vapour extraction (SVE)
  • Excavation and on‐site treatment or off‐site disposal
  • Groundwater contaminant recovery and treatment
  • Natural attenuation


Baseline Water has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for all environmental assessment activities as maintained in our "Company Policy and Procedure Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations".