Baseline Water Well Testing


Baseline Water has conducted thousands of water well assessments throughout Western Canada for seismic, oil and gas development and residential real estate projects. Our standardized procedures provide an excellent basis for repeat assessments and complaint investigations.

Baseline Water has investigated water well complaints ranging from reduced yield to water quality issues (sediment, odours and gas production) since our incorporation in 2006. Complaint assessments can include pump testing, detailed water quality analysis, hydrogeochemical interpretation, sediment analysis and isotopic analysis of water and gas parameters.


We place a priority on ensuring our discussions and relations with stakeholders are positive and acknowledge individuals unique concerns and requests while conducting our work. This focus minimizes feedback to our clients and enhances stakeholder relations throughout the drilling, completion and production phases of a project.


Baseline Water ensures that the most stringent company and client protocols are followed. Baseline Water has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for Water Well Testing and Investigations, Confined Space Entry and Atmospheric Testing for Exposure to Hazardous Environments as outlined in our "Company Policy and Procedures Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations"