Regional Hydrogeological Assessments


Our team of experts conducts assessments of regional baseline hydrogeological and hydrological conditions, which are essential for the management and protection of groundwater and surface water resources. We study existing geological and hydrogeological information in conjunction with on-site well installation monitoring and water quality testing to characterize regional aquifers and water resources.

Groundwater and Aquifer Characterization

  • Description of the regional bedrock, surficial geology and associated hydrostratigraphic units
  • Identification and characterization of aquifers and aquitards
  • Determination of the degree of hydraulic connectivity between aquifers
  • Water table / potentiometric surface maps showing water table elevations and hydraulic head contours

Surface Water Characterization

  • Identification of local surface water bodies and seasonal flow regimes
  • Determination of surface water and groundwater interactions
  • Characterization of stream flow and surface water quality

Water Usage and Future Development

  • Description of current and potential future uses of surface and groundwater resources
  • Assessment of the sustainability and risks associated with water resources