GAs migration assessment


Baseline Water has years of experience developing gas migration assessments to quantify organic vapours in the subsurface. Gas migration assessments are an important step in the well abandonment process in Alberta.

We strive to provide gas migration assessments in a timely manner and within budgeted costs to provide our clients with the confidence to meet their well abandonment budgets and schedules.

Typical Field Programs:

  • Installation of Soil Vapour Wells (SVW) at each sample location to collect Organic Vapour Measurements (OVM).
  • Sample selection and submission to an approved laboratory for gas composition and isotopic analysis.
  • Report preparation, which includes review and interpretation of gas composition and isotopic analysis results


Baseline has established Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for Gas Migration Assessments and Ground Disturbance activities as outlined in our "Company Policy and Procedure Manual: Safe Work and Environmental Operations".