Hydrogeological/Hydrological Study

Project Summary

Baseline Water Resource Inc. (Baseline Water) conducted a hydrogeological and hydrological study in the Lochend Operating Field, located north of the Town of Cochrane, Alberta. The objectives of the study were to characterize groundwater and surface water and to provide a baseline of natural variations in groundwater chemistry.

Baseline Water conducted baseline groundwater testing of domestic water wells and springs within the Lochend Operating Field prior to oil and gas activity, including yield testing and water quality analysis. Baseline Water conducts ongoing monitoring of water wells in the Lochend area post drilling operations.

A landowner summary document and geologic block diagram was prepared as a communication tool to enhance relations with landowners.


  • Concise compilation of hydrogeological literature and data
  • Baseline groundwater data for future water quality comparison
  • Improved landowner communication and relations
  • Visual geologic block diagram to illustrate natural geologic protection to domestic use aquifers