Data management - "the Portal"


Baseline Water Resource Inc. (Baseline Water) developed “The
Portal”, an online web-based server for storing and maintaining
client data, such as laboratory analytical results, databases, and
maps or photos. Baseline Water updates client data as soon as it is
available, providing convenient access to the most up-to-date
information. The Portal can also facilitate information exchange
with multiple project shareholders, providing a common data
center where all users have access.

Ease of Use

The portal is easy to use and each client is provided with a
personalized, step-by-step user guide document. Baseline Water
personnel are always available to provide assistance and
troubleshoot any technical issues.


Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are paramount at Baseline Water, therefore all Portal documents are secured with a unique client username and password. The Portal is protected by firewall anti-virus software, ensuring your data is protected from internet threats. The Portal is regularly backed up for convenient retrieval of dated or deleted documents.

A Portal Example

Four oil and gas clients have formed a “producers group” to collaborate on infrastructure to reduce impact to the local area. Baseline Water assists the producers group by storing all data related to water well testing work. Through The Portal, all four companies are able to instantly access results and share data between users. The Portal saves our clients time by providing a unified document manager, ensuring all files are organized consistently for quick access.